Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tab Completion Is Not Working In "oh-my-zsh" theme

Tab Suggestions are not working in oh-my-zsh theme

After installing oh-my-zsh theme, sometimes Tab completion do not works. If this is the case with you, follow the below steps:

  1. First open the file in editor.
    vim ~/.oh-my-zsh/
  2. Now find the 14th line in this file with below content:
  3. Change the value to false from true, like below and save the file.
  4. Now execute below command:
    source ~/.zshrc
  5. Restart your terminal, you must seen some directories that are not secure. Secure them using below command:
    sudo chmod 755 <insecure_directory_name>
  6. Again open the file, and turn the value to true from false and save the file.
  7. execute below command again:
    source ~/.zshrc
Now, your problem is solved. Tab suggestions are working normal.

If after logout from zsh and again login into it, causes the same problem then keep the value false only in 14th line of and source the .zshrc file. Your problem will be solved permanently.



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